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Welcome to Las Cazuelas Mexican Restaurant in Three Lakes-Miami! Check out this great video to discover the warm ambience of our unique Mexican Restaurant, you can also visit our channel on YouTube to watch our recipes, Sweepstakes, Contests, our seasonal Menu, and more.! so let's go eat Miami, have fun!

Extraordinary Mexican Cuisine


Las Cazuelas & L'incontro: a "Unique Concept" in Miami, Florida

After being the Chef for seven years at Blu at Sunset, Chef Daniel has returned to his roots. He opened the only Italian and Mexican restaurant under one roof in Miami, Florida. When you explore local restaurants in West Kendall, you will find one of South Florida's most unique culinary experiences at the Brick oven Pizza Restaurant L'incontro and Las Cazuelas Mexican Restaurant. We prepared daily more than 140 dishes, so let's go eat! you can click here to explore our location and visit our 360 view Tour.


Las Cazuelas & L'incontro "Where should we eat?"

     Here you will enjoy our Menu with the Italian and Mexican classics, like a 100% wood logs Brick Oven Montanara Pizza or Burritos, and at the same time discover the depth of both cultures and its many flavors such as the Huitlacoche Quesadilla, or the Mole Poblano made with more than 20 ingredients is nothing short of spectacular.

     Chef Daniel showed his creativity on a Menu with trusted authentic Italian recipes and the traditional Mexican cuisine (not TexMex), both are the best option to solve the big question when you are dining out with friends or relatives “Where should we eat?” simple, Italy and Mexico are ranked on the top ten of the best food in the world.


Wonderful Mexican Food, made with Love and Care

     We are committed to serving our customers with a friendly and professional demeanor, we work with great love and passion, we know you "Google", "Yelp" and "check-in" before deciding where to go eat, we appreciate your feedback to improve our service, and of course, your referral with family and friends is our best accomplishment.

     Come to enjoy One of South Florida's most unique culinary experiences at  Las Cazuelas Mexican Restaurant located at Kendall Breeze Shopping Center in Miami, Florida, so let's go eat, you can also order online here! Buen Provecho

Welcome to Las Cazuelas Miami

Meet Chef Daniel: A Unique Mexican Restaurant In Miami, FL

With 20 years of experience cooking for High End Restaurants in Miami. Chef Daniel and his staff opened in 2013 one of the most popular Mexican Restaurant in Miami, Florida in the area of West Kendall. Now, Chef Daniel is excited to present his vision to you and all our guests with the opening of a new way of dining destination in the vibrant neighborhood of Kendall.


Handcrafted Food Made with Fresh and Natural Ingredients

Seasonal and Local Ingredients

Nothing gives more flavor to your food than fresh ingredients, Chef Daniel cares about taste and quality in our restaurant, that is why we source our fresh ingredients from local farmers' markets. Our committed Team will ensure you have a fantastic dining experience with us, and of course upon request we can adapt our menu based on our customer’s needs and preferences. We truly are so excited to share our passion for food with you!


Welcome to Las Cazuelas Mexican Restaurant Virtual Tour

When you explore local restaurants in West Kendall, you will find one of South Florida's most unique culinary experiences at  Las Cazuelas Mexican Restaurant in Kendall Florida. 

There's much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about us. We hope you enjoy our site and take a moment to explore our location with our virtual tour to check out our wonderful ambiance, our cleanliness and service... Buen Provecho!

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